The rules are for the safety and enjoyment of all campground guests.  Please be considerate of others and respect the property.  Enjoy your stay!
Registration Form
-All fees must be paid in advance.  Late charges are $25 per day from your move in date.
-Full rent is in effect until all belongings are removed from your stall
- Security deposit is only refunded if your site is completely clean on departure.  You will not receive any refund if there is anything left!!
- Power is charged at .25/kw/hr & includes the Atco line charges.
- Only one RV and two registered vehicles per site. Other work related trailers and equipment must be registered and parked at the SE back corner of the property.  
- Vehicles restricting road access will be towed at owner's expense.
- Two occupants per unit ONLY.

​- Additional guests are subject to additional fee of ten dollars per day per occupant. 
- Children must be supervised at all times. Parents are fully liable and responsible for the conduct of their children.  .
- The speed limit is 15 km/hour everywhere in the campground.  Violation may lead to eviction.
- Quiet hours are 10 pm to 8 am. No visitors after 10 pm. Respect your neighbours. Please keep voices, radios, music and TV's low enough so as not to disturb your neighbours. 
-Excessive use of alcohol, walking around campground with alcohol, abusive or offensive language, vandalism and littering is prohibited and will result in eviction.

​- All garbage must be wrapped and put in the secure, animal resistant garbage bins provided throughout the campground.  Boxes must be broken up before putting them in the bins.  Do not put household garbage in bathroom or laundry room cans.  All cans and bottles are to be recyled. 
- The campground must be kept presentable. Clotheslines are NOT permitted as per municipal bylaw. 
- All campers or 5th wheels should be no older than ten years; exceptions however, may be made if pictures of your camper or 5th wheel are provided.

​-All RV units or Park Model trailers shall only have skirting constructed of painted wood, vinyl or aluminum bubble wrap.  If wood, it must be without blemishes, and must be well kept at all time.  No red tape on your RV. 
- For winter months, there shall not be any units that have red tape and pink insulation around the RV unit.  There may be insulation on the windows and pull outs that must be acceptable to the municipality and Lewyk Park.  Insulation covered in white poly will be acceptable, to appear as the same colour as the RV.  Aluminum bubble wrap and aluminum tape are OK.
- No porches, decks, additions or additional roofs are allowed.  
- Dogs are no longer allowed as of  Sept. 1, 2010 except those grandfathered in before that date. Dogs must be on a leash at all times and owners must pick up after their dogs.  
- NO sewage or waste water is to be dumped anywhere in the park.
- We are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen property.
- No smoking or outdoor footwear permitted in laundry or shower facilities or the admin building. Anyone wearing outdoor footwear in the laundryroom will be evicted!
- Dispose of cigarettes in proper waste containers.
- No commercial enterprises, soliciting, peddling or "For Sale" signs are allowed in the campground.
- Do not repair, service, or wash vehicles or RV's at your site or anywhere in the campground. 
- No ATV's on public roads, like Hwy 63. They are only to be driven off the Lewyk Park to surrounding trails. No piped ATV or snowmobiles within the living area.
- Entering into areas of construction is prohibited and will be considered trespassing.
-  Occupant must clean up site on vacating and anything left on site after 30 days, including camper, will become the property of Lewyk Park and disposed of in a manner decided by management.
- Tenants who are evicted will forfeit their security deposit and be given 24 hours to vacate the premises, and their property may be moved at their expense!  
-Our campground does NOT go under the landlord and tenant act!!! Evictions are immediate, when you sign in you agree to these terms. All agreement are day to day only! You may leave with one days notice and vice versa.
- If you want to leave and you have an outstanding balance owing, your property will be blocked and may not be removed until you have paid your outstanding bill.

Fire bans may be in effect. Please check local forestry signage.
Breaking the rules may result in eviction.  Management has complete discretion. Rules may change at any time without notice. Thank you! 
Registration Form
Phone Number
Date Occupied
Row & Lot #
Electric Meter #
License Plate #
Trailer Model/Plate
Tel.: 780.791.CAMP (2267)
Email: [email protected]
Lewyk Campground, AOSTRA Road, Wood Buffalo, AB, Canada
** Please take a picture of your driver's license and send to [email protected] **
**Please pay with interac e-transfer to [email protected] **

**By submitting your registration, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in the contract. Breaking the rules may result in eviction.**